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The Intimate Affair

Posted by on Feb 2, 2018


Hello World. My name is Jade Miller branded as “Love Is Jaded.” I am truly a “Renaissance Man” that loves creating, designing, and exploring. This website will be dedicated to all the things I do creatively. Through The Intimate Affair, you will see my love for art, food, fashion and lifestyle…

Feel free to schedule a painting and food session through my online purchase system. If you are looking for something for a group then please feel free to use the contact us page.

I host live painting and pour experiences. These experiences include paint materials, intimate meals, and sumptuous concoctions of wine and/or spirits. Click upcoming events to select an intimate event experience of your choice.

Thanks for visiting,

Jade Miller


  1. Do you do paint parties? I’m thinking about doing something for my birthday in February.

    • Yes. We will be adding private party cooking and painting sessions soon! That’s actually the main idea behind The Intimate Affair.

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