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Jade Miller

“I am internally, evolving, entirely
Extensive, eclectic, expression, eloquently
Instantly innovative, courageously creative
I’m driven, this God given gift it comes naturally to the native”

“I am not like them at all and I cannot pretend” …

-Cee-Lo Green

“Big Ol’ Words” (2002)

The name Jade Christopher Miller is synonymous with art; whether it’s visual, musical, literary, graphic, fashion, or culinary, he embodies them all.  For over ten years, Jade has provided his audience a close look into his modern-day lifestyle through his personal brand, Love is Jaded.With over 20,000 social media followers, Jade guides his fans into a creative promised land with every post via photography, videography, and literary art. The brand most importantly captures how vital it is to celebrate freedom of expressions in our society.

Now, Jade presents The Intimate Affair, a curated experience that offers a taste of his creative nature.  The Intimate Affair allows you to experience both the culinary and artistic sides to Jade. Events including his signature Paint and Pour series, will include culinary masterpieces designed for the food gods and allows opportunity for you to personally craft individual creations. With the addition of The Intimate Affair, Jade continues to be a Memphis jewel with both local success and global significance.