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Jade Miller

The name Jade Christopher Miller is synonymous with art. Visual, musical, literary, graphic, fashion, and culinary he embodies them all. The Intimate Affair a personally curated event offers a taste of his creative nature. More than your average paint and pour this event includes a meal designed for the food gods. The culinary masterpieces included provide such attention to detail, the patron taste the very essence of art with every bite. “Love is Jaded” is his personal brand crafted to his share an intimate look at his modern-day renaissance lifestyle. “Love is Jaded” the brand most importantly includes a closer look at the vital nature freedom of expressions to our society.  With over 20,000 social media followers Jade leads his fans into the creatives promise land with every post via photography, videography, and literary art. Jade the artist is very much a Memphis jewel with both local success and global significance.